Estimate Your Savings

Step 1 – Estimate Your Savings

The first step in your FutureProofing journey is to learn more about your home:

  • Is it already operating at a high level of efficiency, or does it need some work?
  • How much can you expect to save when you FutureProof your home?
  • What changes to your home will result in the biggest savings?

This video explains why you should use the calculator and how it works:


To help with this task, our partners at Scotiabank recently created the EcoLiving Home Energy Savings
Calculator. It offers a fast and easy way for you to estimate your savings. Click the image below to use the calculator:


Calculator Case Studies

We have created a case study to demonstrate how the Calculator creates tailored recommendations for different home types, available at this link:  Calculator Case Studies

You now have a quality estimate of your FutureProofing savings potential. We hope that you are encouraged
to take the next step: Step 2 – Booking a FutureProof Home Audit.