what is futureproofing? watch video to learn more
What is FutureProofing?

Welcome to Project FutureProof


What is FutureProofing?

Using the tools and resources we have to offer, you will be investing in the energy and water
efficiency of your home today to protect yourself against escalating water and energy prices
in the future.

One of the Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Why should you FutureProof your home?

As energy and water prices increase, you will be saving more and more money each year.
You will be significantly reducing your home’s impact on the environment.

Save Money, Save the Environment

FutureProof Your Home with Our Easy to follow
7-Step Process

We’re here to help you. We’ve developed an easy to follow process that will guide you through
your FutureProofing project.

  • Step 1: Calculate Your Savings
  • Step 2: FutureProof Home Audit
  • Step 3: FutureProof Audit Results
  • Step 4: Plan Your FutureProofing
  • Step 5: FutureProof Your Home
  • Step 6: Measure Your Results
  • Step 7: Celebrate & Share
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