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Show them the Money

Using the HESC you can show clients how doing an energy retrofit can save them a lot of money while also helping to conserve energy and water. While the projects may cost more money up front, they can pay back the entire renovation cost over time. Why not let the savings in energy and water pay for the new granite counter tops, the upgraded bathroom and the new Great Room? This may be the best way for you to up-sell your clients to a smarter renovation and a happier result.

Designed for existing homes, the EcoLiving HESC shows users in less than 10 minutes a customized energy and water savings plan. The HESC considers where the home is located, the type and age of home and many other factors such as the type and age of heating and cooling systems, and the type of appliances and lighting. The user is provided with an immediate and customized estimate of energy and water upgrades for their home.

The HESC not only recommends a list of home energy saving projects, but also shares an estimate of the installation cost and the breakeven point in months. Breakeven is the point where savings fully offset costs. The recommendations are prioritized based on the breakeven point, making it easy for a homeowner to select the changes that will save the most money now and in the future. When a homeowner has completed a calculation using the HESC, a printed report of the recommendations helps them plan their future renovations and upgrades.