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Seal the Deal With a Home Energy Audit

Seal the Deal With a Home Energy Audit

As a follow-up to using the EcoLiving HESC, we recommend homeowners have a home energy assessment completed by a certified Home Energy Auditor. A detailed audit of their home will improve the accuracy of the estimates and help a homeowner refine their energy retrofit plans. A local Home Energy Auditor can also provide important insights on local contractors and service providers. A link on the EcoLiving HESC leads to the SHF website where we offer guidance on how to find a Home Energy Auditor. If a homeowner needs help with financing their investment, Scotiabank offers a number of excellent solutions that are available through links from the website.

The EcoLiving HESC is already in use by homeowners participating in Enbridge’s “Know Your Energy Score” Community Energy Retrofit program being piloted in Markham, Ontario (www.markham.knowyourenergyscore.ca/index.html). It will also be a cornerstone of the Sustainable Housing Foundation’s future community energy retrofit programs (stay tuned for details).

You can learn more about the SHF by visiting our website at www.sustainablehousingfoundation.com.

You can learn more about EcoLiving and use the calculator at www.ecoliving.scotiabank.com.