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Helping Canadians Save Money and the Environment

Helping Canadians Save Money and the Environment

Scotiabank’s EcoLiving program helps Canadians discover how they can make greener choices for their homes, reduce their energy bills and save money.

“Finding ways to reduce our environmental impact is top of mind for Canadians and for us at Scotiabank,” says Kaz Flinn, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Scotiabank. “We introduced the EcoLiving program to simplify the process of sustainably renovating, upgrading or retrofitting a home by providing information and resources to help Canadians get on their way.”

Launched in June 2010, the EcoLiving program has expanded to include partnerships and products alongside a comprehensive website, a yearly magazine and the EcoLiving Awards. The 2013 Awards will honour students, entrepreneurs and businesses on the leading edge of residential energy efficiency.

“The EcoLiving program provides us the opportunity to help Canadians and Scotiabank customers save money every day through changes both large and small,” says Lauren Mostowyk, Senior Manager, Environmental Programs. “We want to show Canadians that living sustainably is not only good for the environment but also for the wallet – and that a home’s aesthetics don’t have to suffer. I think our magazine and website really showcase that mandate.”

In 2012 EcoLiving partnered with the Sustainable Housing Foundation to bring energy expertise to Canadians through the online Home Energy Savings Calculator. The Calculator provides users with a customized list of upgrades using unique information about the user’s home. It tells users the approximate cost of each upgrade, the yearly savings and the payback period after which the project pays back the homeowner.

“Our research told us Canadians want to make green changes at home but didn’t know where to look for credible information,” continues Kaz Flinn. “Through the Calculator, our website and our magazine, EcoLiving is a one-stop shop for tips, tools and resources on how to go green at home.”

Adds Mostowyk, “We have a wonderful partner in Green Living Enterprises and they’re the experts behind the EcoLiving content. The renovation articles and photos, the round-up of products – it’s all been tested and vetted by people who know the green sector inside and out.”

Both career Corporate Social Responsibility practitioners, Flinn and Mostowyk have worked together to embed EcoLiving into the fabric of Scotiabank’s Canadian Banking operations since 2010.

Flinn, a Scotiabank employee for 15 years and the creator of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility department, believes business can drive change. “Scotiabank has the ability to greatly impact the communities it serves. I’m thrilled the Bank believes – as I do – that we have a responsibility to our customers and to the planet on which we do business. EcoLiving is a great example of how Scotiabank is providing customers with value-added services and advice.”

Says Mostowyk, “I’ve always been interested in working for companies with a commitment to the environment. Choosing a career in Corporate Social Responsibility, a sector that is only going to grow, is a great way to get into the business of doing good. Directing Scotiabank’s efforts around sustainability, energy conservation and environmental protection makes me feel that I’m doing my part and helping the organization do theirs.”

To learn more about EcoLiving visit ecoliving.scotiabank.com and pick up a copy of EcoLiving Magazine at any Scotiabank branch across Canada.